This little 'corner of the circuity' is my testing grounds. My screen name is 'Obeudan' (OHB-yew-dan), a name I created deep in my youth with a minor amount of influence from StarWars™. Due to the date of its creation, you can find a variety of my exploits, good and bad, from a quick google search. The perils of unique usernames is that only you exist, should the name be put into a search engine. Whoopsies.

As for who I am now...

I am an aspiring developer, with interests primarilarly in the C# (C Sharp) language, and its application in the .NET framework and Unity Engine. Before then, I had spent an amount of time working with HTML and JavaScript, which still hold a secondary interest for me in the realm of developing. The domain 'obeudan.com' was gifted to me from a friend, who has aided me as a mentor in this pursuit. The goal of this website was originally, and still is, a methond for me to work with HTML5, CSS3, and JS with a result that can be shared outwardly; resulting in direct porfolio of my more productive works.


I became aquainted with the language following a peroid of three or so months working with JavaScript alone. I played games in my freetime, using the time in part to study game design. Several games I enjoyed were built on the Unity Engine, which I looked into. The first thing that enticed me was the possibility of using JS for scripting in the development software, along with a personal edition being available for my useage. A download later, I got to mess around a while with the engine.

The reality is, JS isn't the strongest language for games. In the scope of broswer-based gaming, it is more than adequate and has a wide variety of uses. Unity had the ability to utalize it, however I found myself reading over the Engine's C# documention very quickly. I waned on my simply JS work, and moved into studying C# in a Unity context, beginning my usage of online courses. The first I delved into was purchased, and dealt heavily with the Unity dev kit, and has been very helpful in understanding the features available. The next significant course I entered was on the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Visual Studio and .NET

I had not be familar with the .NET framework until I started surfing the MVA. I jumped into what was defined as 'absolute beginners course' for C#, despite not being one. One x2 speed option, and the learning began. Because of this, I have a more significant understanding of C# and the .NET framework, and how it interacts with the computer. While there wasn't quite anything I didn't know, it was nonetheless helpful to reinstate previous knowledge mixed with new information. All that remains is to refine myself, and work with more complicated concepts until I'm capable of moving from hobby to living.

Back to Unity

Despite the new knowledge and understanding, my primary interest remains in making games in Unity. I do have some design experience to go with my programming experience, but I have a long way to go.


This website is my playground. It will house either my progress or links to progress. Have a gander whenever you wish.